“Because I had done some heavy lifting around my house, on May 22, 2001, EMS transported me to the hospital because I was in tremendous pain. I was hospitalized for one week and during that time they ran a variety of tests, including MRI’s. Test results indicated that I had ruptured three discs in my lower back area and as a result, the discs were pressing on the sciatic nerve causing pain all the way down the left leg. During that week while tests were being run, they continued to give me IV injections of morphine to kill the pain. After deciding that I was not a candidate for surgery, I was released with a prescription for pain killers and three epidural injections for pain management. For the next two weeks I lay in bed, took the pain killers, and slept. During those two weeks, the pain lessened a very small amount, but I still could not function as I did before. A new group of doctors then scheduled more tests including a Milogram/CT Scan. This time I was told I had three options: surgery, epidural injections, or simply do nothing and live with the pain. At the same time a former college friend told me about Jackie Holman and how she had helped a friend of hers. She suggested that it might be worth a try before considering surgery. Jackie and her expertise have given my life back to me. She evaluated my condition and set up a program designed especially for me. Every morning I do my stretches and exercises that will help correct my posture and strengthen my muscles. After six weeks of Jackie’s program, I was out of pain, feeling better, and off prescription drugs. In October of last year I was able to resume my full-time teaching position, not missing a day of school the entire year. I have recommended Jackie to many of my friends and colleagues who complain of back pain. She was the ONE PERSON who helped me return to my normal life and I feel GREAT!
Nina Ogden, Fifth Grade Teacher, Grand Rapids Elementary
Grand Rapids, Ohio
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