Do you find yourself eating the same foods over and over again? Considering there are thousands of foods to choose from, why do we continue to eat the same select few? Would it be more physically beneficial to add a little variety to our lives?
The foods you eat affect you in a number of ways. Not only is it your source of energy but it nourishes every cell in the body. By eating the same thing over and over we develop an intolerance to these foods. Meaning that we develop negative reactions to these foods, are unable to digest them, causing symptoms such as nasal congestion, skin conditions, headaches, itchiness, and lethargy, among others.
There are ways to avoid developing food intolerances and getting the most out of what you eat. One is to develop a rotation diet. Generally, food stays in your system for 48 - 72 hours. After this 2-3 day period, the food is eliminated from your body. Hence a four-day rotation plan has shown to be successful in reducing the aforementioned symptoms. In this plan you simply keep track of the foods you eat in one day and do not eat them again for another 72 hours. This helps to keep your food intolerances at the minimum.
Another nutrition tip is to eat organic whenever it is feasible. Organic foods do not contain the pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, and antibiotic or hormone levels of foods grown by conventional farming methods. Not only are organic foods free from the pesticides but they also have a higher quality of macro and micronutrients that help to maintain and healthy body and immune system.
Why does a high protein diet work for some people and not others? Why doesn't a low carbohydrate diet work for everybody? Simply stated, everybody is different. All people are of different metabolic types. Some people are more susceptible to breaking down proteins, others at carbohydrates, and some are capable of both. By knowing which type you are and eating according to that type, you will be better able to consume the appropriate foods for higher energy levels, weight loss, and optimal health.
A great proportion of the population has been on a diet at some point or the other. They may have lost weight but saw the weight creep back once the diet was stopped. An effective and healthy way to eat and feel good about yourself is to implement a rotation diet, eat organic and according to your metabolic type.
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